Headquarters-Oakland, CA

Paramount Export’s Home Office is located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, home of the Golden Gate Bridge. Our office is located near the Port of Oakland. The Oakland office consists of our Boat Produce Sales, Domestic Produce Sales, Food and Beverage Sales, and Accounting teams.
Our diverse group of Sales and Logistics team helps us to accommodate both suppliers and customers from around the world. We value different cultures and pride ourselves in making sure we are aware of the special needs that each market is looking for. Our passion for International trade sets us apart from other trading companies. Paramount Export Employees build on a 75 year tradition of industry leadership, integrity, innovation, and building long term partnerships with suppliers and customers.

175 Filbert St, Suite 201
Oakland CA, 94607
Telephone: +1-(510) 839-0150

Los Angeles, CA

Our Los Angeles office is strategically located minutes away from key supply and transportation hubs in Los Angeles.  This location is perfect for consolidating air or sea shipments.

*Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Terminal is the largest on the USA West Coast with a big range of fresh produce.

*Major USA Food and Beverage producers have their production facilities or distribution centers in Los Angeles.

*LAX- Los Angeles International Airport is the largest Airline Terminal on the USA West Coast with airline service to all parts of the world.

* Los Angeles and Long Beach seaports are the largest on the USA West Coast with container shipping worldwide.

Our Air Produce, Air Food and Beverage sales teams are working around the clock to make sure that each order is executed to fit our customer’s needs. The sales team personally checks the quality and handles the logistics of all shipments.

Our ability to ship small quantities of many different items in one air shipment or boat shipment allows us to satisfy our customer’s needs for a big range of products.

Suppliers are equally as content with our volume of orders as we are able to spread the supply to many different customers and markets.

Paramount Export Company Los Angeles is your one stop consolidation point on the USA West Coast for QUALITY FRESH PRODUCE and FOOD PRODUCTS.

1800 Bay St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Telephone: +1-(213) 988-8822
Appointments: +1-(213) 988-8822

Branch—Santiago, Chile

Our Chilean office was established in 2004 to provide inspection and quality selection of Chilean Fruits and Vegetables. Sales and volume have steadily increased from our Chilean department allowing us to provide customers with fresh produce from Southern Hemisphere as when they are not available from North America.
Paramount Export represents quality growers and packers in Chile, Peru and Argentina, allowing our customers to easily transition from one region to the next. Having a hands-on presence in Chile keeps us aware of the market changes and allows us to inspect the quality of products before loading.
Chilean Seafood, Lamb, and Dried Fruits are fine quality food items that our Chilean office is procuring for customers handling a wide range of food products.
Chile, Peru and Argentina represent major agricultural Global supply sources. Paramount Export Company is committed to sourcing from this important agricultural region.

The Chilean Sales Team and Field Inspector work with PEC USA to source fruits from not only Chile, but also from Peru, Argentina, and Brazil.

Napoleón 3037, Oficina 84
Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
Telephone: +56-2-2813-8897


Turkey is the latest addition to Paramount’s global footprint.  Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, and top-ranked in multiple produce categories worldwide, Turkey provides a prime spot for serving our customers globally.  Our local representative has been active since late 2011, successfully building our business with Asia-Pacific and Middle East as the major destinations.  While the current focus is on sourcing fresh and dried fruit, Turkey holds high potential as a target market with its vibrant 75 mn population as well.  Based in Istanbul, our representative works directly with growers countrywide, managing the whole business including sales, inspection, and operations.

Contact: General Manager

Istanbul, Turkey
Telephone: +90 (212) 244-0114

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